COBRA Administration

COBRA benefits your clients. Our administration benefits you.

COBRA’s complex rules and requirements, mandatory notices, multiple deadlines and potentially serious consequences for mistakes can be difficult to follow and administer. Our highly skilled staff has all the resources your clients need to alleviate the administrative burden of handling COBRA on their own. We work as an extension of their HR team, employing state-of-the-art technology and certified COBRA professionals to handle every last detail. 

​COBRA can be complicated, costly, and is time-consuming. And that's why companies like your clients are turning to us. 

The entire Sentinel family—top to bottom—is professional, responsive, and quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

– Benefits Analyst, iRobot Corporation

Our COBRA Administration solution offers:

  • Toll-free number for active participants and qualified beneficiaries
  • Dedicated employer resources
  • Continuous monitoring to quickly resolve discrepancies
  • Maintenance of regulatory and compliance demands
  • Effective communication, tracking and collections
  • Administration of other billing arrangements, such as LOA, LTD, and retiree benefit premium collection

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