Group Life and AD&D Insurance

Helping protect your employees, their families, and the things most important to them.

​Though life insurance is an important asset for future financial security, many people don’t realize its importance.

Educating employees on the benefits of life insurance in general can help increase awareness and participation, boost loyalty, and support hiring and retention initiatives. Emphasize that buying life insurance on their own may be costly; even if your group coverage is employee-paid, you are still offering significant advantages:

  • Lower rates through a group policy than if buying individual coverage
  • Generally no medical review is required for group policies, as opposed to individual policies where an unfavorable medical history or exam could disqualify the individual or trigger high premiums
  • Convenience of payroll deductions for premiums

Getting the most favorable rates and terms means aggressively shopping the market.

All too often, specialized lines of insurance are purchased as part of a larger health care package—without careful consideration to costs and benefits—leaving valuable opportunities on the table.

We make sure that every plan dollar is well spent and no opportunity goes unnoticed. We have deep ties to the national and local benefits market, a full range of capabilities, and some of the most experienced experts in the industry. This combination means we can seamlessly design, integrate and administer the most advantageous policies—without any disruption to you or your employees.

Our Life and AD&D Insurance Brokerage solutions can help you:

  • Ensure the proper amount of coverage for your employees
  • Design industry specific plans that require specialized terms
  • Reduce turnover and save on hiring and training
  • Custom tailor plans (voluntary, employer-paid or both)

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