Executive Benefits

Reward, Recruit & Retain with Executive Benefits.

Compensation and benefits are important to all employees—including your top executives who are instrumental in your company’s success.

​A competitive executive benefits package will help recruit, reward and retain a targeted population, reduce operating costs, and can position a business to better succeed.

Business owners may select who participates in the plan, and salaries, bonuses and other benefits are negotiated and documented in an individualized plan that outlines the agreed upon terms. These incentives are intended to reward loyalty and promote retention for specific employees by offering something special.

Here are some of the more common executive benefits:

​Executive Bonus Plan

An ​Executive Bonus Plan is a life insurance policy offered by an employer on a key employee that builds potential additional income and death protection for families.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning ensures a smooth and successful transition and makes a company less vulnerable in the event of unexpected circumstances.

​Carve-Out Insurance Policies

Carve-Out Insurance Policies are designed to appeal to well-paid executives by improving their employer-sponsored term, life and/or individual disability insurance coverages.

​Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans require minimal ERISA compliance and assist executives in diversifying investments, reducing income taxes, and achieving tax-deferred investment growth.

Our executive benefits solutions include:

  • Comprehensive financial planning with health + wealth techniques
  • Complete analysis of existing benefits and plan alternatives
  • Strategic, creative and competitive plan designs
  • Customized offerings to meet the needs of executives and the business
  • Implementation and on-going administration of benefits
  • Comprehensive risk management services
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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